Hope Outreach Family Cooking Ministry

Hope Outreach ministry serves 1,200 meals a week. All our food is prepared each day fresh or served from donated food from Community Harvest. One of the problems we see on a daily basis is a lack of cooking skills. Over the past years due to so many women needing to work to help support their families, cooking has been left to the “micro wave” We are being blessed with ingredients and fresh food that can be made into a hardy meal to feed a family. This fall we will start cooking classes to teach people how to cook from scratch and also how to stretch their food into more meals a week. We will also teach nutrition and cover the areas of how to control diabetes and other eating habits that lead to health problems. Our young ladies also need the same guidance from us that we were so blessed to have learned from our mother’s and grandmother’s. We will be announcing the dates for these classes starting in 2022. Contact Pastor Marilyn for more details.