Pastor Marilyn was called by the Lord as a young girl. At the age of 10 she was born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Her dream of being a missionary in Africa turned into working in the mission field in her back yard! All the Nations are one and all people are "God's children". Pastor Marilyn opened Hope Outreach Ministry in 2011 here in Canton, Ohio and currently 1000 people a week are being fed and clothed and filled with the words of the Lord! Please feel free to contact Pastor at any time at 330-495-8704. Praising Jesus All The Time!

Deacon Kathy Host has been with Hope Outreach Ministry since 2011.She is an important part of the ministry and serves in many areas. She also directs our sewing ministry "Gods Little Helper's. Currently she also directs the food pantry.

Deacon Patsy Talbert has been with Hope Outreach Ministry since 2011.Previous to ordination she served as a Sunday School teacher. Patsy serves in many areas of the ministry and also currently serves as our Adult Choir Director.

Darrell has been with Hope Outreach since 2012 and serves as an Usher. He also serves in many other areas including the clothing room and makes weekly trips to the Akron Canton Foodbank for our food.

Jerry Vaughn has been with Hope Outreach since we opened our doors in 2011 and serves as an Usher. He serves in all areas and also drives our church van to pick up people on Sundays. Jerry is also the building manager and handles donations while we are closed.d.

Our youth leader – Derrick Stone – with Pastor Marilyn. Derrick leads our youth 18 through 25. He also races representing our church and shares the gospel at the race track. Derrick writes music and leads our youth choir. He is a wonderful mentor to our youth.

Debbie has been with Hope Outreach Ministry for three years. She teaches the beginner's class 3 to 7. She also volunteers in the kitchen preparing meals and fills in wherever needed.

Heidi Shoulders is our primary teacher for 8 through 12 age group. She has been with Hope Outreach since we opened in 2011.Heidi has also served in our clothing room and many other areas. She has been a faithful worker and is known for her kindness.

Glenn serves as an Elder at Hope Outreach and has been with us since 2011. He also serves as our Treasurer/Secretary. Glenn also speaks on Sundays and is available to talk with people and encourages everyone with their walk with the Lord.